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Modelling an Evolving, Geospatial SKOS Code List
Ørnulf Risnes, Ole Voldsæter

Last modified: 2013-10-13


The success of Linked Data and Metadata relies on canonical concepts and code lists that enable data from different sources to be connected and compared.

As DDI continues to build bridges to semantic web resources and technologies, generic models for representing complex and evolving structures become increasingly relevant to the DDI standard and related tools.

But how can we create code lists that accurately describe rapid changes in sets of administrative regions?

This talk describes a general solution to the problem of creating a SKOS code list that can represent and keep track of administrative regions that change, merge or split over time.

It will also demonstrate how SPARQL-queries can be used to extract knowledge about a region at given time-point, its lifespan and its relationships with other regions.

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