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Learn How to Use the Nesstar REST API. Use Javascript and HTML to Bring Your DDI Metadata and the Power of Nesstar to Your Website
Ørnulf Risnes

Last modified: 2014-02-10


The Nesstar REST API builds upon the Nesstar API, but it is platform agnostic and even easier and faster to use.

The REST API supports metadata navigation and delivery. It also supports tabulation, correlation, regression as well as cube functionality such as querying, slicing and dicing.

This hands-on tutorial will get you started using the Nesstar REST API, and show how you can put your Nesstar based data and metadata to re-use in minutes.

Participants that already have developed such applications are welcome to demonstrate their tools during this informal tutorial.

Participants are encouraged to experiment with the publicly available Nesstar REST API before the tutorial.

Bring your laptop. A Git client, a Java RE and Apache Maven will also be needed. No particular editor or other tools are required.

Web page of tutorial: https://prosjekt.nsd.uib.no/gitlab/nesstar/rest-tutorial

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