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The Questionnaire Generation in the French National Statistical Institute
Eric Sigaud

Last modified: 2013-11-04


INSEE runs many surveys and needs to deliver them on different media: paper questionnaires, specialized tools like Blaise, or web forms. In an effort of rationalization, INSEE recently initiated the construction of a generic platform for survey data collection based on a central metadata repository.

One of the goals is to implement a questionnaire generator driven by active DDI metadata, offering different output formats based upon the same specifications, a "living documentation" of the survey instruments, and automation of the questionnaire building process.

The first development steps of this generator were based on two operational use cases.

First, we had to provide an electronic collection for the ESA - the main French structural business survey - which had only paper forms. We developed an XML process taking a DDI 3.1 questionnaire description and producing personalised OpenDocument forms ready to be downloaded and filled offline.

Second, we had to provide a web collection for CIS - a European business survey about innovation. With an upgrade of the generator, we were able to create web forms, using XForms semantics, based upon DDI 3.2 specifications of the questionnaire.

The presentation will outline the generator architecture and demonstrate the results obtained so far.

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