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Using DDI to Automate Blaise Instrument Generation
Simon Wall

Last modified: 2013-10-13


The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is currently transforming the way it undertakes its business. A substantial component of this transformation is the development of the next generation of statistical infrastructure, for which DDI has been adopted as a key enabling standard for describing metadata.

Currently Blaise instruments are developed through hand coding by programmers, a simple but lengthy and expensive process. The ABS aims to give power back to subject matter experts by giving them a seamless instrument design interface to specify their collection instruments without the need for routine manual intervention by programmers. To this end, the ABS is developing a tool which allows subject matter experts to specify instruments in business terminology, and capture the specifications in DDI. We are also developing a service which automates Blaise instrument generation using that DDI.

This presentation will outline the development and experience at the ABS, so far, of automatically generating Blaise instruments and the challenges encountered.

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