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Describing Qualitative Surveys at beQuali: a Crosswalk between Documentation, Archiving and Dissemination Metadata
Guillaume Garcia, Sarah Cadorel, Julien Rault

Last modified: 2013-10-31


This presentation aims to describe the implementation of DDI 2.5 in the French qualitative archive named beQuali. We will discuss the limitations of DDI for documenting qualitative surveys with regard to describing their methodological context, data and materials, and the archive ordering.

We have applied DDI following conventional practices, but supplemented these with other standards to meet our needs: documenting the specificities of our materials, inter playing with archiving technologies and digitisation process, and data dissemination and harvesting.

Indeed none of the existing metadata formats (DDI, EAD, PREMIS, METS) can fully handle the multiple aspects of each purpose: qualitative dataset description, materials tree view ordering, preservation of metadata and compound object aggregation. For simplicity and performance we had to design an in-house metadata format named MetaJSON that acts as a pivot or switchboard between imported or disseminated data. We are now developing an open source tool that edits and crosswalks this internal format with others standards. This tool would be designed to help researchers in deposing data and to help us to process materials for archiving and dissemination.

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