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Standardized Quality Declarations with DDI, SDMX, and Colectica
Mogens Nielsen, Jeremy Iverson, Dan Smith

Last modified: 2013-10-31


Eurostat requires its members to report about quality using SDMX reference metadata standards. These standards align well with the new support for quality declarations in DDI 3.2. Statistics Denmark and Colectica worked together to build a comprehensive system for managing quality information and for reporting this information to Eurostat in the required formats.

The implementation of the SDMX reference metadata reporting standards ESMS and ESQRS at Statistics Denmark forms part of a general documentation system where the generalized quality concept inventory, SIMS (Single Integrated Metadata Structure), will form the basis for reporting ESMS, ESQRS and other reporting standards. The general documentation system is based on standards including GSBPM, DDI, SDMX and others, and uses standard software: Colectica. The general documentation system integrates variables, classifications, concepts and methodology. The Methodology element includes SIMS and other specific information used in a Danish context. The statistical concepts used in SIMS (e.g. Labor Status) are implemented in a way that is integrated with DDI and SDMX, reusing concepts across all GSBPM phases in Statistics Denmark. The use of standards is expected to be gradually harmonized with the use of standards in Eurostat and other organizations working together with Statistics Denmark in order to benefit from using common understanding and "common language".

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