EDDI Conference System, EDDI13 – 5th Annual European DDI User Conference

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RODA's Open-Source Web Platform for DDI
Adrian Dușa, Cosmin Rentea

Last modified: 2013-10-31


In the next years, RODA (Romanian Social Data Archive) plans to enhance its capabilities in the field of social data archiving and information management. Our organization is focusing on interoperability with other CESSDA members – both technical and semantic, while respecting national regulations and constraints imposed by data-owners.

We propose an architecture for handling both new DDI 3.x and legacy DDI 2.x metadata, alongside other statistical software formats for data, while improving and maintaining RODA's existing electronic archive.

The platform has multiple access levels, addressing multiple stages in the metadata and data life-cycle. The web application is available online and has a data browser, importing and exporting of DDI metadata and various data formats, handles controlled vocabularies, allows meta-data editing and searching, flows for data archiving and processing, and basic statistical analysis and visualization. The architectural overview and current implementation status are presented in order to obtain feedback, to clarify future features (such as federated authentication and authorization, meta-search, RDF / DISCO) and to stimulate debate in the growing DDI community.

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