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Harmonizing Between Different Agencies Using DDI Profiles
David Schiller, Ingo Barkow, Marcel Hebing

Last modified: 2013-11-04


Developing software to support the DDI-L standard provides a challenge to agencies. The DDI-L standard is in most cases much too vast for most individual tool requirements. DDI-L 3.1 contains more than 900 main nodes in its schema while a survey software most likely only needs 50-60 of them. The idea is therefore to use DDI Profiles to specify a sub-set of requirements for the individual purpose. A software solution for surveys could therefore use two different DDI Profiles to express its compatibility to other similar software, e.g. the profiles "Survey Design" and "Data Collection". For other parts of the lifecycle which are relevant to other agencies similar DDI Profiles can be specified (e.g. "Administrative Data", "Processed Data" and "Transaction Data"). During the design of software tools like Rogatus (DIPF, TBA21, OPIT and IAB) and DDI on Rails (SOEP) these issues encountered as the software is supposed to be compatible with other tools like Colectica and Questasy. Therefore the process to create DDI Profiles for this harmonization has begun. Furthermore discussions with ABS to support their GSIM-based DDI Profiles are on the way as well.

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