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Data Service Infrastructure for the Social Science and the Humanities (DASISH): Improving Survey Quality in Cross-national Research
Eric Harrison

Last modified: 2013-11-01


DASISH is an EU FP7 funded project that brings together the five ESFRI infrastructures within social science and the humanities to provide common solutions to common problems. The five infrastructures are CESSDA, CLARIN, DARIAH, ESS and SHARE. The work to improve survey quality in cross-national research includes three specific task sets, all connected to the development of tools for use in the DASISH survey projects, ESS and SHARE. An aim is that the tools developed under DASISH should also be able to serve other survey projects. The task sets comprise ...

  1. a software for improved coding of occupation,
  2. a multi-language questionnaire development tool suite consisting of three separate components that will communicate with each other: a questionnaire design documentation tool, a translation management tool and a question/variable data base, and finally ...
  3. a fieldwork monitoring system.

This presentation gives an introduction to each of the DASISH task sets, with particular focus on the tasks to be presented in this section: a) the multi-language questionnaire development tool suite, where issues related to common requirements and a common metadata model for the three tools will be discussed, and b) the fieldwork monitoring, consisting of a transportable, standardised system of monitoring employing harmonised metadata files which can aid central field supervision, control and monitoring.

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