EDDI Conference System, EDDI13 – 5th Annual European DDI User Conference

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DDI in Denmark
Jannik Jensen, Mogens Grosen Nielsen

Last modified: 2013-11-04


Statistics Denmark and the Danish Data Archive have in collaboration taken on the initiative to form a Danish user group to share and exchange knowledge on DDI. The goal is to promote, facilitate and align usage of DDI in Danish infrastructure using data for research and other kinds of use.

The overall idea behind creating this group is: If we use common terms and understanding of metadata regarding content and technical form - nationally as well as internationally - we can ensure:

  • Better dissemination of metadata,
  • Increased use of metadata,
  • Better quality on products based on common metadata
  • Better collaboration and lower costs on development and operation on projects using data across organizational boundaries.

The user group will reach out to Danish organizations using and producing and archiving statistical and research data e.g. social and health care topics.

The presentation will in detail lay out the goals and forthcoming activities of the Danish DDI user group.

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