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Early Implementation of DDI Lifecycle on the Integrated Version of the Cornell National Social Survey
Florio Arguillas, Jeremy Williams, William Block, Warren Brown

Last modified: 2013-10-31


The annual Cornell National Social Survey (CNSS), conducted by the Survey Research Institute (SRI), polls adults aged 18 and over on a wide range of current public policy topics such as immigration, environment, employment, technology, politics, family, and economy, among many others.

As the designated repository of CNSS datasets, the Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research (CISER) curated, created, and made available a public use version of each dataset.  To further enhance the value of the surveys to researchers, CISER created and curated an integrated version of the public use files by harmonizing the annual datasets and ensuring consistent variable types, names and value-name pairs for variables that were asked in multiple years; and adding a critical variable for integration which was absent in each dataset--survey year.

This paper details our early implementation of the DDI Life Cycle on the integrated version of the CNSS noting, among others, its source datasets (the curated public use version), their recent versions (the further curated public use version of the datasets), its integrated version, metadata record creation, and the creation of documentation compliant with the DDI lifecycle specification.

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