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DataForge:SledgeHammer: Your Data/Metadata Management Tool
Pascal Heus

Last modified: 2013-10-31


At the IASSIST 2013 conference last June, we  previewed "DataForge", a new toolkit aiming at addressing practical needs of statistical data managers and researchers, and facilitating the use and adoption of metadata standards such as DDI. At the core of DataForge is "SledgeHammer", a powerful utility for reading/writing data across packages, producing various flavors of metadata such as DDI, computing summary statistics, publishing into databases, and performing other useful operations around statistical data files.

SlegdeHammer was initially released as a freeware command line utility. The package has now come to maturity and will shortly be made available under both a freeware "community" and commercial "Pro" editions. The new version comes equipped with a graphical desktop user interface, making the package more easily accessible to the casual user.

Our EDDI presentation will showcase SledgeHammer core features, describe the differences between the Community and Pro editions, highlight the latest  changes (including support for DDI 3.2), and demo various use cases.

For more information, please visit: http://www.openmetadata.org/dataforge/sledgehammer

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