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Proposal for a DDI Data Discovery Model
Jay Greenfield

Last modified: 2013-10-12


The next generation DDI specification will take the form of a UML data model. As envisioned it will include a core that will be the nexus of several modules. Each module will realize one or perhaps a family of use cases. So far two modules have been envisioned: a survey description module and a data description module. Here we propose a third module - the data discovery module.

The UML model architecturally has a base, a core and extensions. The definition of the base is a work in progress. The core consists of DDI study objects that are pivotal to the several modules. The modules themselves extend the core. Extensions either consist of additional DDI study objects not in the core, new study objects and/or "bindings" that relate DDI study objects to other models like OWL and RDF.

In our presentation additions to the core and several extensions are proposed. The core addition is the DataElement (DDI 3.2) and related objects. One extension is already in play: the DDI-RDF discovery vocabulary. Another extension is faceted classification like we see Amazon and other vendors employ for the presentation and discovery of product information. A third extension is for hypothesis testing.

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