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GSIM and DDI: Working Together
Therese Lalor, Guillaume Duffes

Last modified: 2013-10-31


The Generic Statistical Information Model (GSIM) is a reference framework of information objects, which enables generic descriptions of the definition, management, and use of data and metadata throughout the official statistical production process. GSIM version 1.0 was released in December 2012.

During 2013, a new project called Frameworks and Standards for Statistical Modernization was sponsored by the High Level Group for the Modernization of Statistical Production and Services (HLG). One of the priorities for this project was to focus on the implementation of GSIM. A task team was commissioned to map GSIM to DDI - initially at a conceptual level. The presentation will show the results of the mapping work, in particular where DDI supports GSIM well and where gaps have been found.

After completing the conceptual mapping, a task team is now working on creating DDI profiles for a number of GSIM objects. It is thought that these profiles will be used to standardise use of DDI in statistical organisations.

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