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Common Statistical Production Architecture
Therese Lalor, Arofan Gregory

Last modified: 2013-10-10


If the official statistical industry had greater alignment at the business, information and application levels, then sharing software would be easier. The Common Statistical Production Architecture (CSPA) will bring together these existing frameworks (for example, GSBPM and GSIM) in addition to new frameworks about Statistical Services to create an agreed top level description of the 'system' of producing official statistics.

CSPA is a statistical industry reference architecture for statistical production.  Its focus is to support the facilitation, sharing and reuse of Statistical Services both across and within statistical organizations. Statistical Services are defined and have invokable interfaces that are called to perform business processes.

Depending on what information is being represented in practice, DDI and SDMX are expected to provide the basis for CSPA implementation specification. The CSPA implementation specification for Statistical Services will specify what schema should be used for representing a particular GSIM information object, and exactly how the chosen schema will be applied for the particular purpose.

This work will inform the work being undertaken under the auspices of UNECE to improve GSIM and create DDI profiles.

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