EDDI Conference System, EDDI13 – 5th Annual European DDI User Conference

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Use Cases and Vocabularies Related to the DDI-RDF Discovery Vocabulary
Thomas Bosch

Last modified: 2013-10-13


In order to support the discovery of person-level data and its metadata, the Social Science data and the Linked Data communities developed the DDI-RDF Discovery Vocabulary, an ontology of the Data Documentation Initiative. We reuse widely adopted and accepted vocabularies like DCMI, FOAF, ORG, ADMS, PROV-O, SKOS, XKOS, DCAT, and Data Cube to a large extend. We focus on the further development of this ontology, on the description of how other vocabularies are reused reasonably as well as on the description of use cases which are associated with the usage of the DDI-RDF Discovery Vocabulary.

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