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The Next Generation of the Microdata Information System MISSY: An Integrated Solution for the Documentation of European Microdata
Jeanette Bohr, Alexander Mack, Florian Thirolf, Thomas Bosch

Last modified: 2013-11-04


MISSY is an integral part of the service infrastructure for official microdata offered by the GESIS German Microdata Lab. This DDI based system provides structured metadata online in order to facilitate and encourage the use of official microdata for scientific purposes. Up to now, MISSY focuses on metadata for the German Microcensus, but an extension of MISSY for the documentation of integrated European microdata from Eurostat is under work. Within the data documentation process we are tightly cooperating with the Data without Boundaries project.

In addition to detailed variable level metadata MISSY provides users with a comprehensive study description which includes country specific information on a yearly basis. Given the complexity of the documented data, efficient and reliable technical solutions are required to facilitate the metadata preparation process and to ensure that documentation meets social science standards. For these purposes, we have developed a new editing tool for metadata entry which also allows for off-site use by external project partners.

The presentation will highlight the continuous development of MISSY as a long term DDI case study, benefits of the new MISSY Editor (via a live demonstration) and the cooperation between the MISSY project and Data without Boundaries.

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