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REST API for Nesstar. Present Your Data and Metadata in New Ways - Fast.
Ørnulf Risnes

Last modified: 2013-10-13


NSD will continue to release Nesstar as an integrated solution.

However, there is an increasing demand from the user-community for building alternative applications for data publishing, dissemination and analysis, and to integrate Nesstar with in-house production systems and dissemination channels.

Responding to these changes in the data and metadata landscapes, NSD started developing a Java based Nesstar API in 2011. The Nesstar API has matured and stabilized since then, and is continuously being put to use in new applications, even in .Net environments.

However, since the birth of the Java-based API there has been a demand for a platform-agnostic version of the API. NSD has now addressed this demand, and released the Nesstar REST API.

The Nesstar REST API uses JSON as exchange format, and currently supports:

  • Metadata navigation and –delivery
  • Microdata analysis (cross-tabulation, correlation, regression)
  • Cubes/aggregate data

This talk will demonstrate Nesstar as an increasingly programmable DDI-based dissemination platform, focusing on the new REST API. It will show examples of present websites and services that uses the Nesstar REST API in combination with libraries like jQuery and HighCharts to enrich static and dynamic web pages with content and functionality from Nesstar Servers.

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