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How Do We Manage Complex Questions in the Context of the Large-Scale Ingest of Legacy Paper Questionnaires into DDI-Lifecycle? [full paper] Slideshow Full paper (PDF)
Claude Gierl, Jon Johnson
Metadata Requirements to Document Data Analyses and Syntax Files in a Virtual Research Environment [cancelled]
Uwe Jensen
To 3.2 or Not to 3.2? That is the Question. Slideshow
Wendy Thomas, Jon Johnson

Infrastructure for Data Collection, Research, and Archiving

Data and Metadata Management Using DDI Slideshow
Wendy Thomas, Marcel Hebing
The Medical Research Council Gateway Slideshow
Philip Curran, Peter Dukes, Caroline Shriver, Catherine Jones, Alastair Duncan, Alex Addyman
Proposal for a DDI Data Discovery Model Slideshow
Jay Greenfield
The Questionnaire Generation in the French National Statistical Institute PDF
Eric Sigaud
Building a Harmonized Data Market for Longitudinal Data with MIDUS and DDI Slideshow
Barry Radler, Jeremy Iverson, Dan Smith
Describing Qualitative Surveys at beQuali: a Crosswalk between Documentation, Archiving and Dissemination Metadata PDF
Guillaume Garcia, Sarah Cadorel, Julien Rault
Early Implementation of DDI Lifecycle on the Integrated Version of the Cornell National Social Survey PDF
Florio Arguillas, Jeremy Williams, William Block, Warren Brown
Proposing a Metadata Solution over Multiple RDCs in the German Context Slideshow
David Schiller, Ingo Barkow

Reusing and Sharing Metadata

Use Cases and Vocabularies Related to the DDI-RDF Discovery Vocabulary Slideshow
Thomas Bosch
Generating Blaise Surveys from the Data Documentation Initiative's Metadata Standard using Colectica Slideshow
Dan Smith, Jeremy Iverson
Encoding Provenance of Social Science Data: Integrating PROV with DDI [full paper] Slideshow Full paper (PDF)
Carl Lagoze, Jeremy Williams, Lars Vilhuber, William Block
Harmonizing Between Different Agencies Using DDI Profiles Slideshow
David Schiller, Ingo Barkow, Marcel Hebing
DDI in Denmark Slideshow
Jannik Jensen, Mogens Grosen Nielsen
Open Source DDI-L Search PDF
Jannik Jensen
Modelling an Evolving, Geospatial SKOS Code List PDF
Ørnulf Risnes, Ole Voldsæter

DwB - Data without Boundaries

The Next Generation of the Microdata Information System MISSY: An Integrated Solution for the Documentation of European Microdata Slideshow
Jeanette Bohr, Alexander Mack, Florian Thirolf, Thomas Bosch
A New CESSDA Portal for European Research Data Discovery Slideshow
Ørnulf Risnes, John Shepherdson, Pascal Heus

DASISH - Data Service Infrastructure for the Social Sciences and Humanities

Making Custom DDI 3.1 Exports from the Language Management Utility (LMU) Slideshow
Edwin de Vet, Eric Balster
New Tools for Complex Surveys: the DASISH Questionnaire Design Documentation Tool and Question Variable Data Base Slideshow
Hilde Orten, Håvard Venge Bakkmoen, Yvette Prestage, Sally Widdop
Data Service Infrastructure for the Social Science and the Humanities (DASISH): Improving Survey Quality in Cross-national Research Slideshow
Eric Harrison
Developing a Transportable, Standardised System of Monitoring Employing Harmonised Metadata Files Which Can Aid Central Field Supervision, Control and Monitoring Slideshow
Sally Widdop, Johanna Bristle, Yvette Prestage

Official Statistics

GSIM and DDI: Working Together Slideshow
Therese Lalor, Guillaume Duffes
Common Statistical Production Architecture Slideshow
Therese Lalor, Arofan Gregory
Implementing DDI Profiles at a National Statistical Office: Experiences at INSEE and ABS Slideshow
Guillaume Duffes, Simon Wall
Using DDI to Automate Blaise Instrument Generation Slideshow
Simon Wall
Standardized Quality Declarations with DDI, SDMX, and Colectica Slideshow
Mogens Nielsen, Jeremy Iverson, Dan Smith

Software / Tools

Learn How to Use the Nesstar REST API. Use Javascript and HTML to Bring Your DDI Metadata and the Power of Nesstar to Your Website
Ørnulf Risnes
Colectica 5: A New Generation of Open Metadata Tools Slideshow
Jeremy Iverson, Dan Smith
Easy DDI Organizer (EDO) - Open Source Survey Planning and Metadata Management Software PDF
Yuki Yonekura
Metadata Management for Research Data with DBKfree Slideshow
Wolfgang Zenk-Möltgen
Managing and Sharing Data within the Collaborative Research Center SFB 882 in Practice: Data Documentation within a Virtual Research Environment for the Social Sciences. PDF
Johanna Vompras, Christoph Broschinski
Update on Questasy, a Data Dissemation Tool Based on DDI3 Slideshow
Edwin de Vet
Integrating DDI with Metadata for Qualitative Data: Fully Implementing the QuDEx Standard Slideshow
Louise Corti, Darren Bell, Agustina Martinez
Using Extended Attributes in Data Analysis Software- Controlled Vocabularies, Tools and DDI [full paper] Slideshow Full paper (PDF)
Larry Hoyle
Data Model and Data Standard - a Happy Marriage? Slideshow
Oliver Hopt, Mathiak Brigitte
Colectica for Excel: Increasing Data Accessibility using Open Standards PDF
Jeremy Iverson, Dan Smith
Historization and Versioning of DDI-Lifecycle Metadata Objects - Findings in the STARDAT Project PDF
Alexander Mühlbauer
The New Microdata Information System (MISSY): Integration of DDI-based Data Models, an Open-Source Software Architecture, and Independent Persistence Service Implementations
Thomas Bosch, Jeanette Bohr, Matthäus Zloch
DDI on Rails PDF
Marcel Hebing
RODA's Open-Source Web Platform for DDI Slideshow
Adrian Dușa, Cosmin Rentea
Using DDI within a Data Archive - the SND Case Study PDF
Johan Fihn, Olof Olsson
An Update on the Rogatus Platform Slideshow
Ingo Barkow, David Schiller
Jannik Jensen
From Curation to Publication of DDI-L Metadata
Jannik Jensen, Anne Sofie Fink
REST API for Nesstar. Present Your Data and Metadata in New Ways - Fast. Slideshow
Ørnulf Risnes
DataForge:SledgeHammer: Your Data/Metadata Management Tool Slideshow
Pascal Heus
Mapping DDI-RDF Discovery - a Hackathon Story PDF
Olof Olsson, Jannik Vestergaard Jensen
DataForge:SledgeHammer: Your Data/Metadata Management Tool PDF
Pascal Heus

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