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Sharing category systems for survey items with others in DDI-Lifecycle format
Wolfgang Zenk-Möltgen

Last modified: 2012-10-18


The CodebookExplorer is a GESIS tool to manage and print documentation for survey datasets, as well as to do searches and analyses of the datasets. Part of some CodebookExplorer databases are explorer views that hold hierarchical category systems for survey items. The categories may consist of topics, trends, scales, or other information according to the specific documentation needs. They may also be nested in as much levels as necessary. The variables of all studies in the database may be assigned to one or many categories in the different explorer views, enabling comparison of the variable documentation and question texts in each category. The presentation will investigate possibilities to share these category systems and the assignments of variables to them with others by using DDI-Lifecycle exports. The example used is the database “Childhood, Adolescence and becoming an Adult 1991-1997”, which holds all documentation parts in German and English language and has information about waves/populations, comparative questions, and scales in its category systems. By making this documentation available in the structured format of DDI-Lifecycle, the re-use of the topics, trends or scales of this and other databases becomes possible.

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