EDDI Conference System, EDDI12 – 4th Annual European DDI User Conference

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Data and Metadata Management using DDI
Wendy Thomas, Marcel Hebing

Last modified: 2012-11-13


Formalizing the process of data and metadata management has become increasingly important. The DDI metadata standard was designed to support metadata management from simple stand-alone studies to major statistical production systems. This workshop will look at how DDI supports the data and metadata management process from a high level business perspective. Use cases covering different organizational structures and processes will be used to provide a checklist of options for introducing DDI into an organization.

Introductions and Workshop Outline

Business goals:

What are the internal and external goals for your organization? Do they differ between types of organizations?

Features of DDI that can help address those goals:

What is the coverage of DDI? What content can be used to drive production and what is just informational? What additions are under development? What are the basic structural components of DDI and how does it interact with other standards used by data organizations?

How to integrate DDI into an existing system:

Where do you start within different organizational types and in different situations? How do you develop buy in from management, funders, and staff?

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