EDDI Conference System, EDDI12 – 4th Annual European DDI User Conference

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DDI and GSIM – Impacts, Context, and Future Possibilities
Arofan Thomas Gregory

Last modified: 2012-11-13


The Generic Statistical Information Model (GSIM) represents the agreed information requirements for national statistical production, and DDI is a key standard in both the development of GSIM itself, and as an implementation tool for organizations using GSIM. Beyond that, it also will influence the future directions of DDI development, attracting a larger number of data producers into the DDI community. This presentation looks at the interaction between GSIM and DDI (and other related standards), and provides an update on a rapidly-evolving vision around the use of DDI within the statistical institutes in Europe and elsewhere. With closer cooperation emerging between data archives and statistical institutes, the adoption of DDI among data producers promises to help realize standard, up-stream data documentation coming into the archives. This presentation will cover both the direct interaction between DDI and GSIM, and also provide a broader context for understanding what that dynamic may mean in the future.

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