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Colectica: Data Management with DDI 3
Jeremy Iverson, Dan Smith

Last modified: 2012-10-25


Colectica is a DDI3-based platform for creating, documenting, managing, distributing, and discovering data. Colectica aims to create publishable documentation as a by-product of the data management process. This booth will provide live demonstrations of the various components of the Colectica platform.

  • Colectica Repository is a centralized storage system for managing data resources, allowing multiple people to document data together, and providing automatic version control.
  • Colectica Portal is a web-based application which enables data and metadata publication and discovery. Colectica Portal integrates with several social networking technologies to provide enhanced collaboration and discovery.
  • Colectica Designer interacts with Colectica Repository to provide advanced data management and documentation functionality. Colectica Designer can import data and metadata from a variety of formats, and can generate documentation and source code in a variety of formats.

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