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Nesstar Toolkit
Ørnulf Risnes

Last modified: 2012-11-23


Nesstar is a DDI-Codebook based software platform for enhancing, publishing and disseminating data on the Web. The Nesstar-toolkit enables you to:

  • Find, browse, visualize and analyse data online
  • Publish different kinds of data, from survey data to multidimensional tables
  • Build custom applications over the Nesstar API to meet your specific needs.

This poster-session will provide live demonstrations of various components of the Nesstar toolkit.

  • Nesstar Publisher is a data documentation tool. It consists of data and metadata conversion and editing tools, and enables users to enhance datasets by combining a wide range of catalogue and contextual information, which can be published to Nesstar Server or exported in required formats.
  • Nesstar WebView is a web-based data dissemination application. It can be used to view data, including tabular (cube) data, and metadata published on a Nesstar Server. Users can search, browse, analyse, and download a wide variety of statistical and related data.
It is possible to build custom applications to harness or to do tailor made operations on the rich metadata & data stored in a Nesstar server over the Nesstar API. Many applications built over the API are already in production.

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