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Implementing a Longitudinal Data Portal with a customized version of Questasy
Toni Erik Sissala

Last modified: 2012-10-18


FSD has an ongoing four- year project, FSD Upgrade. One of its requirements is to create a longitudinal data portal to facilitate access to variable level data across multiple waves of a longitudinal study. The portal should have a web interface and be compatible with DDI.

Questasy is a web application developed by CentERdata which manages data and metadata for panel surveys. We evaluated Questasy and came to the conclusion that with some customization it would fit our needs.

FSD documents metadata in DDI2 files. This metadata needs to be harvested into Questasy. We also wanted to be able to express statistical measures derived from the answers.

Questasy's database model is based on DDI3 and its source code is open for modifications. This gave us the benefit of not having to “reinvent the wheel”, while we were still able to develop import functionality to automate the harvesting process, and expand the database to include statistical measures. The resulting portal will be interoperable with other FSD systems.

This presentation will demonstrate the developed features and point out the advantages we get from using Questasy in terms of accessibility, data discovery and dissemination.

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