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Ideas about Statistical Data Archives and Services Slideshow
Svein Nordbotten

General Presentations

Modelling the Lifecycle into a combination of tools Slideshow
Ingo Barkow
Nesstar: An Adaptable and Programmable DDI-based Dissemination Platform Slideshow
Archana V Bidargaddi, Ricco Førgaard, Ørnulf Risnes
An Early Prototype of the Comprehensive Extensible Data Documentation and Access Repository (CED2AR) Slideshow
William C. Block, Jeremy Williams, John Abowd, Lars Vilhuber, Carl Lagoze
Semantic categorization of DDI metadata Slideshow Supplementary paper
Vasily Bunakov
Issues around implementing DDI in a survey organisation Slideshow
Joan Mary Corbett, Roger Stafford
Update on Questasy, a data dissemination tool based on DDI3 Slideshow
Edwin de Vet
Implementation of the DdiEditor in DDA Slideshow
Anne Sofie Fink
70 Years of UK Birth Cohort Data into DDI Lifecycle? Slideshow
Claude Gierl, Jon Johnson
DDI and GSIM – Impacts, Context, and Future Possibilities Slideshow
Arofan Thomas Gregory
Resource Discovery for Official Statistics Slideshow
Arofan Thomas Gregory, Marion Wittenberg
REDCap and DDI Slideshow
Larry Hoyle
Powering Official Statistics at Statistics New Zealand with DDI-L and Colectica: a case study Slideshow
Adam Brown, Jeremy Iverson, Dan Smith, Sally Vermaaten
CIMES: A Tool for Describing European Official Statistics Microdata Slideshow
Raphaëlle Fleureux, Cyril Jayet, Arnaud Szulek
Generic Statistical Information Model Slideshow
Therese Lalor, Steven Vale
DDI-L in the Production of Official Statistics Slideshow
Mogens Grosen Nielsen, Jannik Jensen
DDI Resource Packages and how they can be used in the data production process Slideshow
Hilde Orten, Joachim Wackerow
Implementing a Longitudinal Data Portal with a customized version of Questasy Slideshow
Toni Erik Sissala
Managing Private and Public Views of DDI Metadata Repositories Slideshow
Dan Smith
Data Management, DDI-based Documentation, and Visualization of Business and Organizational Research Data at the DSZ-BO Slideshow
Johanna Vompras
Question bank Cultural Changes in the Netherlands, moving from DDI codebook to DDI lifecycle Slideshow (part 1) Slideshow (part 2)
Marion Wittenberg, Edwin de Vet
Data without Boundaries: A European Project to Enhance Access to Official Microdata Slideshow
Roxane Silberman, Christof Wolf
Sharing category systems for survey items with others in DDI-Lifecycle format Slideshow
Wolfgang Zenk-Möltgen
DDI-Lifecycle Infrastructure at DDA Slideshow
Jannik Jensen
RODA Infrastructure for Data and Metadata Slideshow
Cosmin Rentea


Colectica: Data Management with DDI 3
Jeremy Iverson, Dan Smith
DdiXslt Poster
Jannik Jensen
DdiEditor Poster
Jannik Jensen
Towards a DDI Backend Architecture - Sharing DDI-related Software Modules Poster
Matthäus Zloch, Thomas Bosch, Dennis Wegener
The Generic Statistical Information Model (GSIM) Poster
Therese Lalor
Nesstar Toolkit
Ørnulf Risnes


DDI Lifecycle: Moving Forward – Outcome of the Recent Workshop in Dagstuhl Slideshow
Joachim Wackerow
Invitation to EDDI13 Slideshow
Roxanne Silberman
Announcement of 1. NADDI Slideshow
Larry Hoyle
DDI Specification: Current Status and Outlook Slideshow
Wendy Thomas


Data and Metadata Management using DDI Slideshow
Wendy Thomas, Marcel Hebing
Create your own information systems on the basis of DDI-Lifecycle - a technical perspective Slideshow
Thomas Bosch, Matthäus Zloch
Hands on DDI 3 with Colectica
Jeremy Iverson, Dan Smith
Building applications with the Nesstar API Slideshow
Archana V Bidargaddi

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