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Controlled Vocabularies for CESSDA
Anne Etheridge

Last modified: 2016-09-27


The CESSDA Metadata Management (CMM) project, led by FSD, plans to develop, promote and implement a standardised metadata design, content and practice for all CESSDA data assets. The design will be based on the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI).  The project will produce a portfolio of the metadata fields (described in a separate paper) and controlled vocabularies for some of those fields to enable cross-collection/cross-country data retrieval. The controlled vocabularies will, wherever possible, be those from the DDI suite of controlled vocabularies. If none of those are suitable then CVs will be suggested to the DDI CVG group for inclusion, else the CMM will create their own. Most members of the CMM CV team are also members of the DDI CVG.  This paper describes the process of choosing those vocabularies and highlights particular ones.  There are eight CESSDA archives directly involved in this project, out of the 15 CESSDA archives that will directly benefit from this model. The CVs have to be usable by all CESSDA archives so they must be multilingual. The project is also collaborating on a management system for the vocabularies, to manage not only the CVs from the project but those from DDI as well.

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