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Steps towards a Single Point of Access for Survey Questions across Europe: The Euro Question Bank Project
Wolfgang Zenk-Möltgen, Azadeh Mahmoud Hashemi

Last modified: 2016-09-27


The Euro Question Bank (EQB) project will create a single point of access for survey questions across Europe. For social science researchers, the EQB will provide an integrated and easy to use portal which enables search queries over all survey questions from CESSDA archives in different languages. Functionalities of the EQB include faceted searching, cross national comparisons, and multilingual comparisons.  If the available documentation exists, browsing by keywords, concepts, and collections will be possible.

Recently, the project was expanded by including the CESSDA members FORS, FSD, NSD, SND, and UKDA. The implementation of EQB is based on the DDI-Lifecycle metadata standard and provides both DDI-Lifecycle and DDI-Codebook import and export functionalities. The system architecture makes use of the Open Source Metadata Harvester Tool and the DDI Flat DB concept, which both have already been presented at previous EDDI conferences.