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Documenting Microdata from Official Statistics – Benefits of a DDI-Based Backend Infrastructure
Jeanette Bohr, Matthäus Zloch

Last modified: 2016-09-27


Microdata from official statistics are a valuable data source for the social sciences. Providing a central source of structured and user-friendly data documentation encourages the use of microdata from official statistics for scientific purposes and reduces the individual effort in data exploration and preparation. For that purpose, GESIS has developed an online metadata system (MISSY) and a powerful documentation tool that fully satisfies the documentation process. MISSY addresses (social-) scientists working with data from official statistics (Eurostat microdata and the German Microcensus) and focuses on a very detailed, variable level documentation. The system consists of several technical components to allow for an efficient and standardized metadata management process:

  • an import application to capture metadata (semi-)automatically from different sources,
  • a metadata editor to edit and store the metadata and to produce several output formats (e.g. setup routines, pdf codebooks),
  • an extensible and DDI-based backend data model that allows transformations into several export formats (e.g. DDI-RDF, DDI 3.2),
  • and a public data documentation service (MISSY-Web) to facilitate the usage of official statistic microdata for researchers.

This presentation will introduce the MISSY metadata infrastructure and will demonstrate the benefits and the potentials of structured data documentation for both the metadata service provider and the potential users.

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