EDDI Conference System, EDDI16 – 8th Annual European DDI User Conference

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CLOSER’s Principles for Large-Scale Metadata Archiving Using DDI-Lifecycle
Hayley Mills, Will Poynter

Last modified: 2016-09-27


A substantial part of CLOSER (Cohorts and Longitudinal Studies Enhancement Resources) is to electronically document over 100,000 questions from over 380 instruments for use in the CLOSER search platform, CLOSER Discovery (http://discovery.closer.ac.uk). Whilst carrying out the metadata ingest process, a set of 5 principles were developed and fine-tuned in order to outline and protect the overall standard by which the metadata is recorded. Due to the complexity and non-standardised format of the legacy instruments, there are situations where the entry principles conflict, and therefore one or more principle must be broken in order to follow the more significant principle(s). This poster outlines the updated principles in order of importance, and describes how the careful breaking of one or more principles can be applied in order to preserve the remaining principles and produce a standardised approach.

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