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DDIR: An R Package for Handling DDI Files
Yasuto Nakano

Last modified: 2016-09-27


'DDIR' is an R package which handles information in DDI format in the R environment.

Because a DDI format file collects/contains all information we need in research activities, it is efficient to use one DDI file as a source of information in any step of research activities even for small research project groups or for individual researchers.

In R environment, there is no standard data format for social research data . In many case, we have to prepare numerical data and label or factor information separately. If we use DDI file as a data file with DDIR in R, only one DDI file is needed to be prepared. DDI file could be a standard data format of social research data in R environment, just same as 'sav' file in SPSS. DDIR realizes integrated social research analysis environment with R, and ensures it as a reproducible research.

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