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Blaise, Colectica and DDI
Lon Hofman

Last modified: 2016-09-27


Colectica and Statistics Netherlands have entered into a long term partnership to build software linking Blaise, Colectica, and the DDI Lifecycle standard. The software allows survey researchers to build surveys faster, to leverage the DDI metadata standard, and to generate rich documentation and reports. The tools will improve transparency into the data capture process.

The first tool offers an intuitive survey design surface and questionnaire palette, allowing survey designers to build questionnaires without learning a domain specific language. Questions, blocks, and logic can be created within the program or reused from question bank powered by DDI. Reusing standardized questions will assist in creating more comparable data.

The software stores questionnaire specifications using the open DDI and GSIM standards, and can connect to metadata repositories and question banks powered by Colectica software. Data descriptions can be linked with source questions, creating harmonized data and showing data lineages.

Surveys designed with this tool can be fielded using Blaise 5 on the desktop, on the Web, and on mobile devices. The tool converts the DDI metadata into a Blaise project and source code. Changes to surveys made with the tool can be published and executed within the Blaise environment, allowing rapid iteration while developing surveys.

Two additional tools help convert information between the Blaise and DDI formats: the Blaise-Colectica Blaise to DDI Connector and the Blaise-Colectica DDI to Blaise Connector. Additionally, the teams will publish an official Blaise to DDI mapping paper.