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Re-Purposing DDI-L in the Production Process
Andrew Peters

Last modified: 2016-09-27


The Centre for Longitudinal Studies has worked with UK data collection agencies and software vendors to provide DDI-L compliant documentation of the data collection implementation in Unicom Intelligence.

The intention has been to achieve this without having to overhaul internal systems and infrastructure involved in the process.

Whilst this has provided a rich source of accurate information on the implementation (as opposed to the original specification), it has presented challenges as we try to re-purpose that across the data production and documentation pipeline.

The presentation will describe how we have re-used the DDI output from CAI systems to assist in data specification, data validation, and production of machine readable documentation as well as the provision of DDI compliant metadata to the archive to support the deposit of data. Finally the presentation will detail the pros and cons of re-purposing the CAI DDI output as well as the challenges that have arisen in trying to share that metadata within and between institutions.

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