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Assessment of the Swiss National Objectives in Education
Ingo Barkow, Catharina Wasner

Last modified: 2016-09-27


In Switzerland, the main responsibility for education and culture lies with the 26 cantons. In 2006 it was decided that some cornerstones of the Swiss education system has to be harmonized nationally. The Swiss national objectives in education are some of these cornerstones. They describe which competencies students in all cantons should have obtained after 2, 4 and 9 years of school. In 2016 first surveys about the national objectives in education were conducted. More are planned for 2017.

For the management of these surveys software tools will be developed which support documentation with DDI for the questionnaires. Further metadata standards are currently in discussion to be used because no current standard alone seems to meet all demands. In our presentation we would like to present where DDI can be supportive in the area of educational assessments and where gaps within DDI has to be filled for this special field.

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