EDDI Conference System, EDDI16 – 8th Annual European DDI User Conference

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Archivist & Mapper: Simplifying and Modernising Questionnaire Entry
Will Poynter

Last modified: 2016-09-27


Whether entering an historical questionnaire or designing a new data collection instrument, the combination of Archivist and Mapper will simplify the task. Archivist is a modern web-based questionnaire editor that is capable of importing and exporting the DDI3.2 Questionnaire Profile. (Gierl, 2014) Mapper is a unique web-app that provides a user interface to the complex task of connection questions and variables and applying a controlled vocabulary to items.

Both Archivist and Mapper have been designed with the aim of making large-scale ingests as efficient as possible, both in time, but also expertise; therefore their user interfaces are highly intuitive to people without a working knowledge of DDI. Archivist has also been developed with extendibility in mind, allowing groups to write plugins to augment Archivist’s basic questionnaire editing functionality (e.g. adding further response domain types).

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