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General Papers

Document Questionnaires and Datasets with DDI: A Hands-On Introduction with Colectica (full-day tutorial)
Jeremy Iverson, Dan Smith
Documenting Questions: A Crash Course (half-day tutorial)
Wendy Thomas, Jon Johnson
DDI Is Not Enough
Ron Dekker
Panel Discussion: Is Re-use of Metadata Just a Vision? What is Missing for Reality?
Joachim Wackerow
Research Data Management in Switzerland - a National Perspective
Ingo Barkow
Current Status of DDI 4
Joachim Wackerow
What you get with DDI 3.3
Wendy Thomas

DDI Management

Practical Implementations of the DDILimDAS Results at the GESIS Data Archive
Esra Akdeniz, Wolfgang Zenk-Möltgen
Lessons Learned with Additional Mappings into DDI-FlatDB
Claus-Peter Klas, Oliver Hopt, Alexander Mühlbauer
DDI-FlatDB: Next steps
Claus-Peter Klas, Oliver Hopt, Alexander Mühlbauer
Perspectives on the Implementation of the CESSDA Metadata Model
Irena Vipavc Brvar, Irena Bolko
Elaborating an XML Crosswalk Between DDI and EAD for an Emerging Data Archive Service
Benjamin Gabriel Peuch
The CESSDA Metadata Management Project – CMM1 in Retrospect and Forecast for CMM2
Mari Kleemola, Kerrin Borschewski
An Application of Search Engine Topics Through the Use of DDI-3.2 Concepts
Will Poynter
The DDI-4 Variable Cascade and Datum-Centered Approach
Daniel Gillman

Questionnaire Development

Progress with the CESSDA Euro Question Bank Project
Azadeh MahmoudHashemi, Wolfgang Zenk-Möltgen, Alexander Mühlbauer
A Reusable (and Reused) Questionnaire Generator Based on DDI
Franck Cotton
Blaise & Colectica - Progress Update
Lon Hofman


DDI in Agriculture? Why not!
Michelle Edwards, Carol Perry
The Past, Present and Future of Legacy Metadata Documentation at CLOSER
Hayley Mills
Using DDI4 in a Big Data Infrastructure
Darren Stephen Bell
DDI Drives Metadata Improvements at Roper @ Cornell
William C. Block, Kathleen J Weldon
The Picasso Project - Getting Ready to Launch
Kathryn Stevenson

Controlled Vocabularies

DDI Controlled Vocabularies (90 min. tutorial)
Anne Etheridge, Taina Jääskeläinen


Next Time Try Recycling - What Reusable Metadata (Should) Look Like
Knut Wenzig
A Model Based Approach for DDI Lifecycle 3.x Documentation
Dan Smith
How to Document Common Data Elements using DDI and Colectica
Jeremy Iverson
A DDI-driven Conference Evaluation Research Project
Barry Radler, Jeremy Iverson, Shane McChesney, Dan Smith
C2Metadata project
Jared Lyle, Jeremy Iverson

DDI & Semantic Web

DDI and RDF Implementation at INSEE
Guillaume Duffes
A UK Data Service Linked Graph Utilising DDI4
Deirdre Lungley
Reusing Official Statistics Metadata for Dissemination to Researchers based on DDI and RDF Use
Kamel Gadouche

Poster Session

Working Across Boundaries - Follow-Up Survey
Flavio Bonifacio
Survey CTRL: Fieldwork and Case CTRL
Iggy van der Wielen
Survey CTRL and DDI: TMT
Maurice Martens, Sebastiaan Pennings
Survey CTRL and DDI: Surveycodings
Maurice Martens, Iggy van der Wielen
Survey CTRL: Questasy
Edwin de Vet
Using DDI to Link Metadata in CharmStats
Martin Friedrichs, Kristi Winters

Side Meetings

CESSDA Euro Question Bank - Project Member Meeting (closed meeting)
Azadeh MahmoudHashemi
CESSDA Euro Question Bank - Workshop for CESSDA Service Providers (closed meeting)
Azadeh MahmoudHashemi, Anne Etheridge, Johan Fihn
DDI Moving Forward – Production Framework and Bindings
Joachim Wackerow
CESSDA Metadata Management Project
Mari Kleemola

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