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User Needs, Efficient Infrastructures and Improved Quality

New Improvements in DDI 3.3
Dan Smith
Providing Data in a User-Friendly Manner at the Center for Socio-Political Data Paris
Alina Danciu, Alexandre Mairot
Finding Ways Between Metadata Models
Mari Kleemola, Katja Moilanen, Maja Dolinar, Irena Vipavc Brvar
Collect, Store and Re-Use Paradata in DDI – We Need a Working Group!
David Schiller
Linking Web Survey Tool and Data Archives
Irena Vipavc Brvar, Vasja Vehovar, Nejc Berzelak
A New Data Publisher for the SSH Community
David Schiller
CLOSER’s Metadata Portal: Improving Discovery
Hayley Mills

Official Statistics

Development of Metadata, Conversion and Archiving of the Time Series Data of the Completed Censuses and Surveys of the BBS
Chandra Shekhar Roy
Process and Rationale for the New DDI 3.3 Version, a User Point of View
Guillaume Duffes

Reusing and Sharing Metadata

Metadata Sharing: Rights and Obligations
Jon Johnson
The Question Variable Database (QVDB) - a Portal for the ESS
Benjamin Beuster
How the CESSDA Euro Question Bank Integrates with Different Technologies
Azadeh Mahmoud Hashemi, Katarina Boland, Alexander Mühlbauer, Esra Akdeniz, Wolfgang Zenk-Möltgen
From Shadow to Light: Make Data Visible. DDI, a Collaborative Ground for the Library and the Center for Socio-Political Data (CDSP) of Sciences Po
Cynthia Pedroja, Geneviève Michaud
Making FAIR Data a Reality… and the Challenges of Interoperability and Reusability
Simon Hodson
Same Same But Different - Documenting Panel Data Using DDI
Knut Wenzig

Data Harmonization

Not-so-big data: Using DDI to Promote Findable, Re-Usable Data across Small N Studies in the Traumatic Stress Field
Nancy Kassam-Adams
Planning Feasibility Studies on the Applicability of the DDI Standard for "One Health Surveillance" Data Harmonization in Europe
Taras Günther, Tasja Buschhardt, Fernanda Dorea, Matthias Filter

Open Data and Linked Open Data

Challenges of Using DDI in Research Data Sharing in Uganda. A Case of Selected Research Institutions.
Winny Nekesa Akullo

Software / Tools

DDI R-UI: a Tool to Describe Data in R
Domingo Scisci
Implementing the DDI4 Model in the R Language
Larry Hoyle, Joachim Wackerow
Kuha2 - A New Open Source DDI Aware Metadata Server
Toni Erik Sissala, Matti Heinonen
The Questionnaire Design and Documentation Tool (QDDT) - a DDI based tool for assisting questionnaire design teams in their work
Hilde Orten, Stig Norland, Sarah Butt
The New CESSDA Data Catalogue
John Shepherdson, Carsten Thiel
Dataverse as a Single Source of Truth in a DDI-Compliant Environment
Geneviève Michaud, Baptiste Rouxel, Romain Mougin
Document Questionnaires and Datasets with DDI: a Hands-on Introduction with Colectica
Jeremy Iverson
Documenting and Publishing Statistical Data with Colectica and DDI
Jeremy Iverson
Colectica Portals: Public Use Data on the Web
Jeremy Iverson, Dan Smith
An R Package for Putting DDI to Practical Use as a Personal Tool : DDIR
Yasuto Nakano
Indexing DDI with ElasticSearch: The ExploreData Project
Karam Abdulahhad, Claus-Peter Klas
The CESSDA Controlled Vocabular Manager Using DDI-FlatDB
Sigit Nugraha, Claus-Peter Klas
Envisioned Architecture for Empirical Survey Documentation Based on DDI-FlatDB
Claus-Peter Klas, Oliver Hopt
DDI Implementation Projects at SSJDA: Ongoing Projects and a Future Task
Satoshi Miwa, Kazuhiro Kezuka, Tomoyuki Masuko
Colectica Portals: Public Use Data on the Web
Jeremy Iverson
CESSDA DataverseEU Project
Vyacheslav Tykhonov


Powering an Energy Research Portal with a DDI Property Graph
Deirdre Lungley, Darren Bell
DDI Technical Committee and DDI 4 Moving Forward Project – Combined Meeting
Joachim Wackerow
Technical Workshop: Implementing DDI4 - Data Description Model
Darren Stephen Bell
CESSDA Expert Seminar 2018 Follow-Up: practical session on Jenkins pipelines, Docker containers, Kubernetes clusters
John William Shepherdson
CESSDA, Trust, Metadata and Roadmaps
Herve L'Hours

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