EDDI – the European DDI User Conference

EDDI is the annual conference for users of DDI – Data Documentation Initiative -, a metadata specification for the social, economic, and behavioral sciences. It is run by GESIS and the IDSC of IZA under the auspices of the DDI Alliance.

EDDI is designed to provide forum where DDI users from Europe and the world can gather to showcase their work and their progress toward DDI adoption, as well as discuss any questions or challenges they may have about the standard.

EDDI includes presentations, poster sessions, and discussion sessions. The conference closes with a “meet the experts” session in which users will have a chance to lobby for their point of view with representatives from the Technical Committee of the DDI Alliance. The philosophy of EDDI is to be an open, inclusive DDI community-building activity. The conference including related meetings usually spans a week in early December in a different European country each year.

The counterpart of EDDI in North America is NADDI, the North American DDI User Conference, modelled on the successful EDDI.

DDI – The Basis of Managing the Data Life Cycle

The Data Documentation Initiative – DDI – is an effort to create an international standard for describing data from the social, behavioral, and economic sciences. The DDI metadata specification supports the entire research data life cycle. DDI metadata accompanies and enables data conceptualization, collection, processing, distribution, discovery, analysis, repurposing, and archiving.

DDI - Data Life Cycle