EDDI 2021 – Training Fair 26.+29.11. (CET) – Program & Registration

This event extends the usual DDI tutorials taught as a precursor to EDDI conferences with some additional events. In addition to the usual tutorials on each of the major specifications (DDI Codebook and DDI Lifecycle) and the upcoming DDI Cross Domain Integration, this year two additional tutorials will be conducted: Discovering DDI, intended for newcomers who may want to learn what DDI is without diving into the details, and DDI Tools and Services, an overview of available software and services

EDDI 2021 is a free, virtual event, and all tutorials will be open to anyone who is interested in attending.

  • Registration before the event is required, with individual registration for each tutorial. Please follow the links below.
  • Please note: Te host will open the Zoom room earlier for speakers, speakers still have to register to get their individual Zoom link

Track One – Discovering DDI

Friday, November 26, 2021, 15:00 CET – 16:30 CET

This track provides a general overview of all of the DDI specifications and shows how DDI fits into the overall frame of FAIR data sharing. The programme will last from 60-90 minutes and feature a number of speakers from the DDI Alliance and member organizations, including Jane Fry, Barry Radler, Jared Lyle, Arofan Gregory, and Simon Hodson.

Track Two – DDI Specifications

Monday, November 29, 2021, 15:30 CET – 17:30 CET

These tutorials provide a detailed look at how each of these specifications can be used to describe important metadata for different purposes. Each tutorial will last 90 minutes to 2 hours.

DDI Codebook Tutorial

DDI Codebook is a metadata specification for providing detailed, machine-actionable and human-readable metadata about individual studies and their data files in an XML format. Instructors are Jane Fry of Carleton University and Adrian Dusa of the University of Bucharest will introduce you to this popular metadata standard.

DDI Lifecycle Tutorial

DDI Lifecycle addresses the needs of metadata management not only for archives and data disseminators, but also throughout the data lifecycle, from data collection and survey design through the end stages. It is also a useful tool for understanding how related data sets fit together, whether as a longitudinal or repeat cross-sectional effort, or through ad-hoc comparison and harmonization. A range of topics will cover a broad description of the specification, as well as providing focus on specific aspects of the standard for metadata and data management. Presenters include Wendy Thomas, Hayley Mills, Kaia Kulla, and Benjamin Beuster.

DDI Cross-Domain Integration (DDI-CDI) Tutorial

DDI-CDI is a forthcoming standard which is intended to complement other metadata specifications – notably DDI Codebook and DDI Lifecycle – by making it possible to share and reuse data across domain boundaries and within and between research infrastructures. To do this, it uses a datum-centric approach to describing the structures of a wide range of data sets, including long, wide, multi-dimensional, and key-value types. Presenters are Dan Gillman and Arofan Gregory.

Track Three – DDI Tools and Services

Monday, November 29, 2021, 18:00 CET – 20:00 CET

This session will provide an overview of many of the tools and service providers available to those who are interested in actively implementing DDI. Each presenter will cover the tools and/or services which they provide is a short format, which will include product demos. The intention is to help users understand what tools and services exist, and who they should talk to in order to learn more.

Presentations/presenters include:

  • Colectica (Dan Smith, Jeremy Ivreson)
  • Metadata Technology North America (Pascal Heus, Andrew DeCarlo)
  • Kuha 2 (Toni Sissala, Fuinnish Data Archive)
  • DDI with R (Adrian Dusa)
  • CLOSER Archivist (Hayley Mills)
  • Dataverse (Alina Danciu, Science Po)